For Content Creators

This information is for content creators, producers and distributors or their agents and representatives, who wish to submit content to On Demand Global Media (UDC) Corp. ("ODG").

ODG/ is especially looking for original series content, across all genres. Of course, we are considering genre feature films, especially those which "travel well" across cultural lines (like drama, scifi, action and horror). We are looking for entertainment content. ODG has a wide view of what is acceptable content given the principles of freedom of speech, but we do not consider anything that is clearly pornography.

You should read some of ODG's initiatives at If you would like to explore distribution through ODG/, follow the following steps:

1. To submit your materials for review, first request a submission release using our easy contact form. Do not explain anything about your project on the contact form, the system is automated and no one will read it. Simply request a submission release and provide your valid email address.

2. ODG and looks for quality, original programming.

3. At this time, we prefer English Language programming, but will consider other programming with alternative English audio or subtitles.

4. ODG distributes and streams across the globe, without restriction. By specific agreementĀ  ODG may also become the exclusive or non-exclusive sales & licensing agent for content, and/or merchandising agent.

5. ODG does NOT accept unsolicited scripts, story ideas, trailers, treatments, synopses or any other material from anyone without a release in our submission form executed prior to sending. ODG DISPOSES OF ALL ATTACHMENTS TO EMAILS WITHOUT REVIEW UNLESS YOUR COMMUNICATION IS EXPECTED AT THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU SEND IT TO.