New Media Forum One

Forum One free online meeting for independent filmmakers, April 5, 2021

There is not enough film and television content on the planet to satisfy audience demand. Entertainment and media markets are expanding and in 2021, remain one of the "recession proof" industries.  So why are independent producers and distributors failing?

Independent producers, streamers and distributors do not have common interests with the mainstream studios.

The fifth session of Forum One takes place in virtual meeting on APRIL 5, 2021. (Topic TBA) If you wish to attend, fill out this form.


Due in part to technological advances, and in part to government response to global pandemic events since February 2020, and continuing to today, industry changes which were going to take several years have been accelerated. The de facto collapse of theatrical and the ongoing disruption of distribution networks is affecting mainstream as well as independents. However, mainstream is a different game than independents.

On Demand Global Media & Facet TV are hosting a series of discussions called Forum One. In these open forums, we invite independent producers, streamers and distributors to discuss the challenges which are unique to us. The ultimate aims include:

  • identifying current and future challenges to independent production, distribution and profitability of content
  • identifying and describing models of monetization which independents can use to make reasonable profits
  • identifying and establishing a set of best practices for production and distribution of independent content, again so that profits are maximized and the independent industry becomes strong and stable
  • to lay groundwork for a functional and powerful independent producers/distributors advocacy and lobby organization, which will respond to and represent the unique interests of independent producers to regulators, media and government.

The second session of Forum One takes place in virtual meeting on April 5, 2021. If you wish to attend, fill out this form.