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This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference under the terms of service which govern you use of this website. Accordingly, by accessing this website, you agree to these terms.

1. ODG monitors and collects user information related to your access of and use of this website, and relating to the sales of products or services offered on this website.

2. ODG does not sell, rent, or otherwise provide access to any such information to any third party, except as required by and in accordance with law.

3. To help to create, design and maintain an enjoyable and usable user experience, and to track use, digital rights and royalty information on content you may view here, ODG may use various types of cookies and other digital technology, and may track user activity and monitor ip addresses, file transfer times and trace routes, among other things.

4. Should you purchase or attempt to purchase any product of service through this or an associated website, ODG will collect information, including personally identifiable information, required to authenticate and secure such purchase. You agree this is required for your own security as well as that of ODG.

5. ODG endeavors to protect and keep confidential all user information at all times. However, you understand that the nature of digital technology cannot protect against all eventualities, and that systems, including ODG systems, may become the target of hackers, criminals, or other attacks aimed at identifying user information. You hereby foreever release and hold harmless ODG and its parent and associated companies, owners, shareholders, management, officers, agents, employees, administrators, successors and assigns from any and all liability relating directly or indirectly to any inadvertent release of your user information, and any leak of such information resulting from a hacker attack, misuse by yourself or another user, or by the acts of misdeeds of any third party, and from any failure or fault in monitoring or collecting information which may secure or authenticate purchase and sale transactions.