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Sin 13 - series - Be Loyal, Survive." See sin13.tv for photos and information about this exciting paranormal espionage series from Facet TV! Premiering January 2021.

Esco Eats - cooking/travel series - Join us each week for a new adventure with Atlanta based Esco, as he presents a new take on cooking and restaurants. Premiering January 2021.

Promiseland - series. A film studio family fights and maneuvers for dominance in the industry and in the family. Coming spring, 2021.

Eartha Kitt - I want To Be Evil (feature film) shooting now, premiereing fall 2021.

Nightcrossings - series - in preparation now, premiering summer 2021.

Hope - miniseries - a WWII submarine is stalked by a U-boat, and by other-wordly forces as it cruises towards the Panama Canal.

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