Virtual Theatrical

The Audience is rediscovering Theatre and Performing Arts!

Facet TV - On Demand Global is creating initiatives to make us the leader in the Virtual Theatrical experience,

We are developing a multi-stream approach to producing and promoting traditional theatre, and new theatrical concepts. Our mission is to bring the art of live theatre to the general audience. Live theatre and drama are historically the most important of performing arts, but were overtaken in the last decades by cinema and television. The new age allows us to reach a much broader contemporary audience with a new experience - an audience which has not been well exposed to traditional theatre and other live performing arts. Facet-ODG is working to bring these traditional art forms, and combine them with some current technology which affects that experience, to everyone. We want to bring traditional theatre to contemporary audiences, but we also want to present compelling new works to the world as well.

 Facet-ODG wants YOU involved ! 

 Whether you are a lover of the performing arts, or a producer or performing artist, Facet-ODG wants to hear from YOU: 

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As of March 31, 2021, the Virtual Theatrical intitiative will be adminstered from its own web presence: