ODG has a unique distribution paradigm, designed for the new millennium. We aim to make things easy and profitable for content creators and media buyers alike, and to meet the changing needs of today's discerning audience. Here are some highlights:

  1. FACET TV - ODG's own video streaming and download platform, at Facet.tv Facet-TV-ODG produces original content for this platform. For audience, Facet.tv is a different direct to viewer experience. Facet.tv lets the audience choose how to pay, how to receive its media, and connects it directly to exclusive show swag and merch! And soon we will launch the Facet TV App so audience can more easily connect with their favorite shows, on the go and on their favorite mobile device.
  2. Face-TV Virtual Theatrical - the new wave in theatrical distribution and direct-to audience experiences. Facet TV is a pioneer in Virtual Theatrical and has an expanding catalog of first-run and repertory film and Virtual Theatrical experiences to bring you.
  3. CONTENT CREATORS IN CONTROL - when coming to ODG, a content creator has options. A content creator may choose simply to list in the ODG Media Catalog. Or participate in the bid/ask market. Or the content creator may opt to have ODG act as an exclusive or non-exclusive sales agent/distributor. ODG would then be proactive in representing the content to the world.
  4. LICENSE PORTAL - ODG is creating a B2B licensing portal, where verified media buyers and licensors can license and access content directly, for exhibition or redistribution.
  5. MEDIA MARKET - ODG is developing the first and only open B2B media market, with an optional bid/ask auction structure. Content creators and media licensors/buyers can meet and negotiate without the expense and delay of traveling the world to territorial film markets and festivals.
  6. ODG MEDIA CATALOG - ODG is creating the first open online content catalog, where creators and buyers can find each other without gatekeepers or other middle men who have an incentive to control information.